Writing and Remembering Some of the Most Important Parts of My Life: That's My Lineage

Have you ever thought about writing a memoir but then became overwhelmed with the process of keeping track of all of the different details in your life?

Plenty of people think that their life might not be interesting enough to craft a memoir, but the truth is by accounts, your life might be extraordinary even if you don't see it that way.

Your life has incredible meaning and we often realize this when we begin to form powerful relationships with our adult children or our grandchildren. Writing down and recording the stories of the defining moments in our lives can help us to value our own worth and also pass along important meanings and life lessons to the people that are most cherished to us.


There's no doubt that your grandchildren and children want to know about you. The lessons and the stories you have accumulated throughout your life can become an inspiration for them. When trying to record and craft your stories for future generations, think about a key turning point in those stores or a significant moment. These details can help stand out to your listeners and remember that the first ten seconds should hook you.

There are now mobile apps that can be used to help record some of the most important and valuable photos across your family's timeline. Writing your own memoir and having your stories recorded could ensure that your lineage lives on long after you are no longer around.

What's your lineage?

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