Working Towards a Bigger Vision

Working towards the bigger vision… that’s my lineage.

We spend most of our adult years either working for ourselves or someone else.

And we pick up plenty of advice along the way about how to spend, save, or give away money. We all have our own money habits, either picked up from family, professional advisors, or our own research.

Even though we spend so much time invested in either making, spending, or saving money, so many people let their money mindset end right there.

Consider the recent story of the hermit who spent years accumulating money- only to pass away without a will. The management of his estate fell to public administrators, who have to step in when a person passes away alone. Finding a will proved impossible, but this was just one of the many tasks undertaken by the administrators appointed to help in that case. From real estate agents to an auctioneer to banks and attorneys, many other people could become involved in your financial affairs after you pass away if you haven’t taken care to avoid this.

Since we spend so much of our lives working to have money and deciding how it must be distributed in our lives, it’s worth the extra step to think about how to protect it or pass it on in the future. Otherwise, we leave those choices up to someone else- like the courts.

You see, I know I want to have control over where my money goes after I pass away. I want to make sure my loved ones are taken care of. I want to make sure that sentimental items end up in the hands of those who would cherish them most. We owe it not just to ourselves and the wealth we’ve worked hard to build, but to our loved ones to protect this lineage.

What’s your lineage?

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