Who do you help through your lineage?

When you think about passing down your lineage and your wisdom, your family probably comes to mind first.

But your family is just one group of people forever affected by the way you chose to live your life. There’s no doubt that there are impacts from your legacy that have ripple effects for future generations, like the way you raised your children or how you chose to serve your community.

Your lineage and the plans surrounding it are an opportunity to share that commitment and compassion for your community long after you’re here to support those causes personally.

Being active in your community helps you to give back and to define what’s meaningful for you and your legacy. You likely even have many wonderful memories of being involved with your community, plenty of them probably tied to efforts put forth with the entire family.

Your lineage plan can also include tangible gifts to organizations that have been key for you over your own life, such as charities you believe in, your alma mater, or even your place of worship. Special bequests help you remember what organizations have earned a special place in your life.

When you consider the many ways that you’ve positively influenced people over the course of your life, it’s easier to outline how you can continue to support and share what’s important for your lineage for many years to come.

At Lineage Law, we help you define what your lineage looks like. You’ve already written most of the chapters- we’re here to help you complete the final draft to leave behind a lineage that reflects your values and your passions.

Supporting others – that’s our lineage.

What’s your lineage?

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