When Two Can’t Agree

My dogs constantly fight over toys, no matter how many toys I buy.

Several toys have never even been touched my older dog, Lola; however, the second Lucy picks up one of those toys, Lola decides she wants that particular toy.

I tried buying two of the exact same toy. Nope. Lola is always going to try to take Lucy’s toy. I have to stop whatever I am doing and mediate a wrestling match between two dogs. (Most attorneys bill by the hour for this type of work.)

I often wonder what would happen if I wasn’t around?

My fur babies aren’t alone in their quarrels. I have represented many families in which sibling rivalry runs deep. Like my four-legged children, one sibling wants all the toys.

Another sibling thinks it’s not fair that her sister got the red ball. It doesn’t matter that mom gave them the squeaky toy and the orange ball, they want the red ball, too.

Planning ahead for your lineage means thinking about where your loved ones might disagree- and where they, too, might end up in a battle over something just like my dogs and their toys.

Planning for sentimental items is important, but it’s also key to consider the bigger picture- have you had a conversation with your loved ones about your estate planning? Have you incorporate your beneficiaries in that and talked about the lineage you hope to leave behind?

If you’re stuck figuring out how to begin this difficult conversation or want help to think ahead about possible family arguments, we can help you navigate this situation so that your lineage is considered and reflected in your plans.

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