What’s Your Lineage?

What do you want your family to remember you for? Do you have an approach to life that you hope will inspire your loved ones for many years to come?

In the process of looking towards your own future and even beyond it, it’s easy to overlook the prospect of a lineage. Feeling the need to document where you’d like your possessions to go after you pass away is only one small piece of the estate planning puzzle. The bigger picture is all about how you pass down this lineage to those you love. Your lineage draws from your own family members, how you were raised, and your approach to life, but it’s also informed by your relationships with future family generations, too.

Even though sentimental items can be meaningful for your loved ones to receive, the lineage that you pass down to your loved ones, friends, and community can have ripple effects for many years to come. Your family members are more likely to reflect back on how you made them feel and how your example influenced their lives, and the effort you put in now to think about how you want to be remembered can serve as a guiding light for you and your heirs.

A family lineage is not passed down- they are built after careful reflection on your part about what you believe is most important and how you choose to live your life. Your lineage represents where you come from and who you are and is more than any one item you pass to your loved ones.

At Lineage Law, we start with lineage because it’s the most important part. It’s about how you transfer your core values to your individual family or to society as a whole. And it’s why our clients keep coming back to us (Well, maybe it’s that, but I’m sure Margarita Wednesday doesn’t hurt us, either…)

What’s your lineage?

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