Taking Mental Snapshots: That’s My Lineage.

There are moments in life when everything slows down for a minute and you soak up what’s happening in front of you. From your baby’s first steps to their high school graduation, there are plenty of moments that can’t truly be captured on camera.

Even though we live in the selfie generation and I treasure all my photos of me and my family over the years, I have my own set of mental snapshots that are even more special to me.

These are the moments when I really remember what is important and reflect back on what I’ve taught my kids as I raised them.

I have to remember these moments when I’m standing in the grocery store after running 15 errands and then hearing my child has a school project due tomorrow morning… in exactly ten hours. Because really? There are bumps along the way, but the moments when you get to watch your children take in a new concept, help someone out of the kindness of your heart, or stand up for themselves that makes me really proud.

That’s the lineage I’ve tried to pass down to them through my own examples and values. What are your favorite mental snapshots you’ve got stored up from the treasured moments in your life?

How has your lineage influenced you?

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