Spring Cleaning Have You Done Yours Yet?

Protecting my memories is my lineage.

Let’s talk spring cleaning. To be honest, I still haven’t started.

Do we even get a real “spring” in Louisiana, anyways? But that’s besides the point.

It’s this time of year we haul out everything we own, sort through it, and decide what we can get rid of. What we can finally clean up and spruce up for summer before the inevitable heat wave settles in.

During these cleaning binges, have you ever come across something sentimental or special to you that was thrown into a box or at the bottom of a pile? Something cherished, like a wedding day schedule, a family photo from a few generations back, or even the first piece of art your child came home from school with? I admit it- I’m guilty. Sometimes the paper and planning of keeping my family and business organized makes it hard to file everything away perfectly.

In the hectic day-to-day, it’s easy to set things aside and to forget about them. But spring cleaning is a chance to rectify that and to final safe places to store these memories and cherished moments.

In the new light of spring, this is our chance to revisit old paperwork and to promise not to let things get so disorganized next year. But it’s also about more than that.

It’s about sitting down with family to talk through those memories or to make the cleaning into a fun project like scrapbooking or building the family album.

It’s a win-win event: I get everything organized and crossed of my spring-cleaning list and I get to talk about our family values, vacations, and activities.

Remembering the past and restoring it for the future- that’s my lineage. What’s your lineage?

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