Protecting My Assets and My Loved Ones: That's My Lineage

A cornerstone of my estate planning is thinking about the opportunities I have to protect my assets.

This means identifying threats that could erode the wealth during my lifetime or after I pass away.

It is crucial, just as we put together our estate plan, to protect us from the expected and unexpected to consider the possibility of ensuring your lineage for the future. Sadly, there are many different risks that could affect the value of your assets, including:

· Claims filed by creditors.

· Business bankruptcy or personal bankruptcy.

· Unanticipated medical expenses.

· Lawsuits against your company or you.

· Federal and state estate taxes.

· Irresponsible heirs.

· Loved ones with special needs.

Preserving your wealth and reflecting your wishes well into the future is an important part of the process that connects asset protection planning and estate planning. For me, it's about knowing that the assets I have chosen to pass on to my beneficiaries will long outlive me and not be subjected to unexpected threats.

What's your lineage?

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