Planning ahead and still living my life... that’s my lineage

A common theme we often see in interacting with families and individuals is the desire to leave a legacy or lineage behind. How that lineage is defined changes from one family and individual to the next.

But it’s a common misconception that wealth transfer and important conversations don’t need to happen until after death. This means that the wealth transfer process is often neglected while you are still alive.

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to think about the future without imagining what I envision my own retirement to look like. Or how that will affect my business.

While I certainly love working with our clients and intend to do so for many years to come, I know there may come a point in time in the future when I am unable to work with the firm any longer or will be passing down that professional lineage to other parties.

I can't help but envision the future as something that will happen when I am older due to changes I make in my own life, such as retirement.

Retirement is a significant marker in life for most people, but we can’t neglect the estate planning process in thinking about how our assets will help others as well as help ourselves in older ages.

Whether you’re concerned about your own future or thinking about the success of your company after you’re no longer involved, planning is key to making that transition to retirement.

What's your lineage?

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