Knowing That There Is an Impact I've Left for My Heirs Well Beyond the Financial- That's My Lineage

Did you know that 80% of high net worth people today didn't grow up with wealth?

Which means that they can't follow an example that was set by their grandparents or parents.

This means that it's hard to know exactly which questions to ask financial advisors or estate planning attorneys.

Knowing that there are tools that help to leave a lineage and impact well beyond the financial gives me peace of mind that I can continue to support my family while ensuring that my values are reflected well into the future.

If I’m leaving behind assets inside a trust, I hope that when my children and beneficiaries can access those, they know what to do next and can reflect back on my values over the course of my life. Because some of the best gifts we get are lessons rather than property.

To leave behind a lineage is about more than bank accounts, property values and other assets. In fact, it's about transferring my core values to benefit society as a whole as well as my family.

Whether you want to create a family philanthropy that addresses positive social change or want to establish family trusts that can help to name assets and protect them for many generations, lineage planning is much more far reaching than estate planning, because it has the potential to carry your influence into future generations.

What's your lineage?

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