Knowing That I've Equipped My Beneficiaries and Protected Them from Themselves- That's My Lineage

Choosing to pass on assets to future generations is certainly exciting, and it's powerful to think about how the hard work you have done today can benefit your loved ones in the future.

But what about if you're not sure whether or not those beneficiaries can properly manage those assets?

Being able to control how beneficiaries receive their inheritance is an increasingly common concern presented in my office, and it's something I think about too.

Determining the benefits of setting up a trust can give you peace of mind about choosing an unbiased and experienced trustee to handle distributions from the trust.

When you use an estate planning tool, such as a trust, you get the confidence of knowing that distributions are made in accordance with the terms of the trust. This can help to protect a spendthrift beneficiary from burning through their inheritance faster than you anticipated, and ensures that they have many years from which to reap the benefits of your assets and the plan you put together for them.

Knowing that the assets you’ve set aside from them have the best possible chance of influencing their life in a positive way is one of my goals and I use my estate plan to do it.

What's your lineage?

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