Knowing I'm Protected Before and After Retirement: That's My Lineage

As adults, we have to step up to the plate to have important papers prepared in case something happens to us.

These papers don’t only get activated after retirement. In fact, some studies show that people using their benefits inside long term care insurance policies tap into their coverage in their 20s or 30s following a serious accident.

Knowing that I have articulated my wishes gives me peace of mind that I am protected not just before my retirement but that there are foundations in place to protect me in my older years too. The core of these estate planning documents are health care directive, a power of attorney, and a will.

This ensures that my financial health and personal wishes are carried out the way that I intend. Working with a qualified expert assists with building greater privacy, control and security of the lineage that you have worked so hard to build.

I know that my major expenses in retirement will be health care, transportation, and housing and planning in advance for these makes it easier on my loved ones.

Planning is a big task, and it’s an easy one to overlook. We put decades into our retirement planning. But all the other aspects of retirement life can’t be ignored, either. I want to know that I’m supported and in a position to help my loved ones, too.

What’s your lineage?

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