Keeping Your Plans and Goals Updated Regularly

Changing my mind- that’s my lineage.

We often have the best of intentions in creating a one, three, or five year plan.

But then life comes barreling at us with a bunch of changes we never expected. So that plan is always in flux. I know that’s the case with my life. As my needs and the needs of my family change, I have to alter those long-term plans so that they reflect what my future might look like.

Over the course of adult life, so many things happen that could adjust your worldview and your decisions about your future.




People who used to be key in your life who no longer play that role.

Changes in your financial situation.


But our recognition of these changes can’t end there. Because if your plans were contingent on everything staying exactly the same in your life, it’s a big mistake not to follow through on making updates.

Riding the waves of changes means looking at our big-picture plans and adjusting them accordingly. I like to do this at least once or twice a year, because it often occurs to me that at least one substantial change in my life or in the way I view my future has happened during that year.

And because we can’t always see what’s coming, this semiannual or annual review is a chance to think about how we will care for our affairs or our loved ones if we are no longer around. I change my mind all the time- but I can’t afford not to change my plans, too.

What’s your lineage?

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