It's What's on the Inside That Counts

We have a beautiful office. It’s a point of pride for us, really.  It took years of hard work to get here and we love where we are.

But, let’s be honest. It screams “stuffy overpriced lawyer.”  And. We. Are. So. Not.  We wear our flip flops to work.  We have pens tucked behind out ears (Stephie accidentally died her hair blue from a blue pen).  We congregate around the coffee pot.  God save you if you take the last cookie. (We recommend you have a good estate plan if you are crazy enough to take the last cookie.)  

You might walk in and find us holding a baby or toting a toddler on our hip if our clients have kids. Yes, we do that because we treat you like family and hope to become a part of your family as well. You might even show up on Wednesdays and find us walking around the office with a margarita for Margarita Wednesday. (I'm sorry, no, we don't have any job openings right now to get in on Margarita Wednesday.)  Note: Wednesday appointments book quickly.

Even though the outside of our office presents a stuffy exterior, when you come inside, you see what is real and warm to the point of almost being warm and fuzzy. And that's just how we approach the estate planning process. Traditional estate planning documents and strategies may have a firm and even stuffy exterior, but it's what's on the inside that counts.

We don't believe that estate planning should be stiff. After all, we deal with death issues and not real dead bodies. But we hope to incorporate your individual goals, perspectives and more into the estate planning process. And that's what you can expect once you step in from the outside and get to know the real family behind Lineage Law. 

Flip flops and giggles. That’s a part of our our Lineage. 

What’s your lineage?

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