Going The Extra Mile: That's My Lineage

If you are like me when you undertake any type of new endeavor, you know that you can do the bare minimum or you can act in a more comprehensive manner by going the extra mile.

This dynamic is certainly true of many pursuits in life and it's definitely true of estate planning.

You could put into place a very basic estate plan that includes some of the most important documents to protect you and your loved ones or you could go the extra mile like I have and engage in the process known as lineage planning. When you plan your lineage, you consciously shake the way that you will be remembered after you pass away.

This includes your spiritual and moral values and your family history. Though you might not always be around in the flesh to provide meaningful insights about your values, mission and approach towards life, you can leave this behind in an ethical will and other estate planning strategies.

There is no doubt that family members have probably approached you for guidance and wisdom over the course of your life. I know that lineage planning goes beyond the basics and helps to give me peace of mind that my loved ones will be taken care of and continue to remember what I hope is my impact on the world for decades to come.

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