Getting Inspired by My Morals and Personal Goals: That's My Lineage

When looking into the future, you might have already thought about the opportunity to leave planned gifts to your loved ones or even a nonprofit organization.

Looking at my husband and children, I want them to remember how we chose to give to our community and extend our influence beyond our home.

Aside from the estate tax considerations, which could be beneficial for you, although they impact very few people under existing laws, you have the opportunity to make a difference not just in your community but to leave behind a lineage of values that your loved ones can be proud of.

You'll be setting a good example for your heirs and other donors by creating an individual legacy that is reflective of your ideals and values. Looking ahead to figure out what I can give away and how this can continue to support my community for years to come means looking inwards.

If you're already passionate about an organization or have consistently supported one during your lifetime, this is your opportunity to leave behind something that has the potential to do a lot of good.

Developing a relationship with a nonprofit whose mission matches your values allows you to understand the various ways that you could support the organization and how best to structure a gift that will have the most meaning and the longest impact.

What's your lineage?

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