Freedom and Fun: That's My Lineage

Setting up a schedule for the summer can be hectic, especially if you have kids. But the good news is that these are some of the most cherished memories you'll reflect back on in the future.

With kids home from school and plenty of time built in for road trips and vacations, I enjoy thinking about the freedom and fun that we have built into our own lives and try to make the most of with our children.

It's easy to get frustrated with your kids after just a couple of days of being out of school when they claim that they are bored and have nothing to do, especially if it's been months of them complaining that they are ready for school to get out. You can turn this situation around by planning fun and even spontaneous activities to do things together as a family.

In fact, even after all the leg work and many hours put into planning a vacation, some of the best trips we've ever had have been because we dropped what we were doing on a weekend and made time to do something fun or passed something exciting on the side of the road and took the time to take a peek around.

Freedom and fun are my lineage and it's part of the set of values I hope to pass down to my loved ones.

What's your lineage?

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