Discussing Care: That's My Lineage

No one wants to think about what will happen to us when we get older. It’s difficult to face the concept of your own mortality, but it’s even harder to think about what might happen to us if we are still alive but in need of advanced care.

Spending time with family brings out the best in me, but it often means that I neglect to think about which family members would be able to step in and make decisions on my behalf if something happened to me.

As a parent, you never anticipate that it could be your children even when they are adults who will have to make important medical or financial decisions about your future. You might not even have the thought to sit down with your children and discuss your long term care planning options, such as whether or not they’ll be able to take care of you, whether you are self-funded or whether you’ve discussed options for Medicaid planning in the future.

All of these issues are extremely important because all it takes is one major cognitive issue to up end your entire life and put family members in a difficult situation they might not have expected.

When you can do the work for them by clarifying what you hope your future years will look like and what steps you have already taken to plan, you can make things easier if and when that issue ever approaches your family personally. As parents, we don’t want to think about what it means for a child to help take care of us, but having these difficult conversations is important. Discussing what my future looks like and how I hope my children are involved; that's my lineage. What's your lineage?

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