Deciding What Memories I Leave Behind- That’s My Lineage.

In my family, we all have our own unique memories of special events. But I know that I want to leave a way for my loved ones to share in and enjoy these memories after I’m no longer around.

Thanks to technology, I have the chance to leave behind a lineage stored digitally or physically so that my family member can continue to cherish my memories. Making scrapbooks or video diaries also helps to ensure that those who never met me but are part of my family get a chance to see who I was.

Your lineage is very important. Whether it’s a scholarship you decide to set up in your honor or a collection of items special to you, these are some of the most important ways you can live on with your loved ones.

If you want to take the step to actively leave behind something for your loved ones in terms of your lineage, there are a few ways to do it:

· Write a letter to your kids and grandkids

· Make recordings of your favorite memories via audio

· Collect articles and combine them with your own writings to pass on information about the values you had in life

· Write a personalized wish list for what you’d like your loved ones to remember, know, or experience in life

Being carried on for a long time in memories and in other ways is important to me. What’s your lineage?

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