Deciding How I Want to Spend My Older Years: That’s My Lineage

Looking ahead into the future and thinking about life post-retirement, I can’t help but ignore the fact that many women live much longer than their retirement age. In fact, my retirement could be upwards of 30 years.

We spend most of our working life dreaming about hitting that milestone, so it’s important to decide what those years will look like for yourself. Will you keep working? Volunteering? Travel?

Deciding what I want my retirement to look like, who I want to be involved in helping to make decisions on my behalf if I am unable to do so, and thinking about where I want to live are all key factors that go into my decision making process.

I don’t want to leave these challenging situations, such as what would happen if I were to become incapacitated and need additional care or what would happen to my loved ones if I passed away - to fall to my children or to my husband. Having these difficult conversations and thinking through these issues now means that I get to decide what my future looks like and whether or not I have any special concerns about assisted living, having in-home help, going to a nursing home or getting some other form of care.

Recognizing the possibility that I might need some form of assistance in older age means that I can take proactive steps now so that no one else has to make these decision if the time comes.

What’s your lineage?

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