Creating the Answers to Some of My Own Most Important Questions. That's My Lineage

I never wanted to be in the hands of my loved ones to determine what should happen to me if I am older and unable to answer these important questions for myself.

Thinking about the future means that I have to be able to answer my own questions in advance just in case.

And once I’ve thought about these difficult topics, I put them in writing to protect my loved ones. If I’m ever not around or physically able to voice my wishes, I want my family members to have some direction.

These questions often only come up after we've witnessed a loved one go through the challenges of trying to help an incapacitated family member address these critical issues. The questions I want to answer just in case, include:

• What will happen to my children if something happens to me or my husband?

• Are there any steps that I can take to decrease the likelihood of children fighting over my assets?

• If I am incapacitated, who will be responsible for overseeing my finances?

• How can I incorporate making gifts to charities while also supporting my loved ones?

• Do I have any important opinions about life prolonging medical care?

While these questions are never easy for anyone to answer, they certainly aren’t something that I want my loved ones to be thinking about in the wake of an accident or a tragedy.

What’s your lineage?

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