Creating A Plan So My Dreams Can Live On: That's My Lineage

What I remember most about my pawpaw are the mornings. He would shuffle into the kitchen and gather his breakfast staples: coffee and cookies. Iced oatmeal, chocolate chip, or Sunday school ring cookies. The cookies shifted, but the routine remained the same. I celebrated his life and mourned his passing with a cup of coffee and a plate of cookies. This morning, however, I was acutely reminded of his presence when my son, who will never meet his pawpaw, asked for coffee and cookies for breakfast. I hear you, pawpaw. I miss you, too. Today’s cookie is for you.

Do you ever think about what your lineage will be? We all have dreams for ourselves and for each member of our family and ways that we want to be remembered in the future.

Although our dreams might get adapted as we move through varying stages of life, one important thing stays the same. In order to achieve a goal or individual dream, we have to make a plan. Part of my lineage involves establishing financial support and love through more than just the present generation. This means it's important to have an estate plan in place.

Approaching this process with a planner’s mind presents you with many different resources and opportunities to learn more, but at the root of all of the key decisions you make about how to plan for your future and your estate, it goes back to achieving a goal or dream.

What do you hope that your children will remember about you?

How can you assist them in their future years by using tools like a trust?

Who do you choose to make important decisions on your behalf if you’re not able to do it for yourself?

Difficult questions to answer, no doubt. But it’s something well worth thinking about, because I don’t want to be caught by surprise.

All of these key considerations fall under the umbrella of thinking about your lineage. While some of these more practical matters, they often get to the heart of the values and goals you hope to leave behind for your loved ones.

What’s your lineage?

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