Connecting Past and Future-That’s My Lineage.

There are relatives and friends who had a strong impact on me, but never got the chance to influence my own kids.

It doesn’t mean that their impact doesn’t live on, however. In fact, these key loved ones influenced me so much that I often reflect back on what they meant to be and how they’ve molded my own values as an adult.

And that makes me think about what I can do in the present to influence the future through my own children. We all get one shot at this thing called life, but we have the potential every single day to positively impact another person.

Sometimes that impact is so strong it gets passed down through multiple generations. Sometimes, it’s just a few minutes after I’ve picked up the tab for someone else’s morning coffee.

But the great part about it is that all of this potential resides in every single one of us. Imagine if everyone paid it forward and left their mark on so many people throughout their life that it became the new normal.

I want to make sure I honor my loved ones who have passed by sharing their stories and values with my own kids. And I hope my children take that forward along with any lessons they’ve picked up from me, too.

You have influence- how will you use it today?

What’s your lineage?

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