Believing That The Best Things In Life Aren't Things: That's My Lineage

Over the course of life, we accumulate a lot of things. Sure, we need a plan for what happens to them when we’re downsizing or no longer around. But the truth is, so much of what’s most important to us has nothing to do with physical items.

While this is such a basic statement, it holds so much intent and meaning for every single one of us, and it's why planning for your lineage is so much more than thinking about your estate plan. We know at a basic level that there's value in our financial assets. However, there's so much more value in our family treasures like our heirlooms, morals, beliefs, and family history.

These are some of my most treasured assets and are the ones that are sadly all too often overlooked in traditional estate planning.

Planning for your lineage goes one step beyond by taking a more holistic approach to planning for your estate. It's about the creation of the definitive plan for what you hope to pass on to your loved ones while you're still alive as well as after you pass away.

Your lineage includes key decisions about your family's responsible behaviors, core values, and community involvement that you hope to be passed on to future generations. This also includes some of your personal effects, such as life lessons for your family, accumulated wisdom, and the stories that make up who you are.

What's your lineage?

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