No wool allowed.

Since 2011, we've worked to transform the estate planning experience from downright dastardly to slightly better than a root canal.  Next in our sights is the line at the DMV.

We're a team of lawyers whose goal in life is to make the estate planning process tolerable, if not enjoyable.  In order to accomplish this objective, we often have to break with tradition.  This means we don't chase other law firms' definitions of what it means to be successful.  We've already figured out that it has nothing to do with how flashy our offices look, how well our suits are tailored, or how many awards we hang on the wall.  The only thing that matters to our clients is knowing we will be there for them when they need us most.  And when that time finally comes, the quality of our hugs is way more important than where we went to law school or what kind of shoes we wear.  We measure success in units of peace of mind.  Try finding peace in an itchy wool suit in Louisiana.

Stephanie Prestridge

Attorney - Baton Rouge

Admitted in Louisiana (2005)

(225) 300-4776

George Fine

Attorney - Alexandria

Admitted in Louisiana (2007)

(318) 767-2226

Paula Ouder

Attorney - Baton Rouge

Admitted in Louisiana (2014)

(225) 300-4776

Amy Boudreaux

Attorney - Lafayette

Admitted in Louisiana (2005) and Texas (2013)

(337) 205-4198

Alexandria: (318) 767-2226     |     Baton Rouge: (225) 300-4776     |    Lafayette: (337) 205-4198


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